Traveling With Kids

I often get asked for travel advice. Since traveling is practically our job, it’s become a huge part of our lives. I have found certain things helpful along the way. I hope my little tips help you on your upcoming adventures! Airplane Travel: When I travel via airplane with my little one, I am often … Continue reading Traveling With Kids


“What a waste of time.” That sentence disrupts my soul! Not everything we go through, is “wasted time.” In fact we spend our entire lives learning, falling down, and getting back up again. Recently my husband was called up to join our Major League team. This was not his first call up, or his debut, … Continue reading Perspective

“Busy” & Embracing Life

I often find myself “busy”. It seems like I have a countless list of things on top of things that need my attention and time. However some days I frankly don't have the energy to devote to these “things” so I distract myself. Distractions can take the form of a phone or tv, you name … Continue reading “Busy” & Embracing Life

Baseball Season in an RV

  Here’s to one month of living/loving in our RV! What an adventure it has been thus far! I am currently writing this as heavy rain is coming down, and the trailer sways with the wind gust. My finger are crossed that neither wake up our napping baby! I giggle as it brings up a … Continue reading Baseball Season in an RV

An open letter to our new baseball family:

  We could say buckle up, and that you are in for the ride of your life, but that would be an understatement! Baseball is an extremely hard, yet rewarding game/lifestyle. It can be both challenging and life changing at the same time. It’s complicated: Professional baseball is an intricate system, full of tiny details. … Continue reading An open letter to our new baseball family:

Creating Our Own Normal

Creating our own normal.  When in baseball, you learn to adapt to all the madness and uncertainty by creating your own “normal” and after 7 seasons I felt I had it down! However season #8 really made me dig deep within myself and find strength that I never knew I had. It was unlike any … Continue reading Creating Our Own Normal

Lord here we are….send us? Oh wait, send them…we need more time.

This time last year Casey and I were preparing ourselves for our first mission trip overseas to the Dominican Republic. I remember we were both so nervous. Reminiscing about the trip brings up the true and raw feelings we had and our struggle to let the Lord work in our lives.  It all started when … Continue reading Lord here we are….send us? Oh wait, send them…we need more time.