Strong Looks Better Naked


Casey and I were shopping the night before his surgery, I needed to find a book to keep me entertained as we were preparing to face a long day at the hospital. As I was browsing through the book isle at Target I saw Khloe Kardashian’s new book called “Strong Looks Better Naked” and it sparked my interest. The book itself is about self confidence and empowerment among many other encouraging qualities. I looked at Casey and told him if I got this book, I would have to take the dust jacket off in fear of people judging me. You see the books cover has a risqué pic of Khloe, although she looks beautiful, I was worried people would get the wrong impression. However I quickly changed my mind once I reached the cash register.

We walked up to a cashier who was fairly young, I assume in her early twenties. She rang our other items with no problems, but then she got to my book. She looked at it and asked me “are you really going to read this?” I bit my tongue suppressing what I actually wanted to say, I mean of course I wanted to read it, does she think people just buy books to throw them away or what?  She went on to ask me “If I liked them or something?” At this point I was so taken back that you would have thought I was one of the Kardashian sisters. I was instantly defensive of a woman I don’t even know. The cashier then went on to tell me what she thinks of the Kardashians all the while flipping through my new book! She was so distracted about the book she ignored the customer behind us and rang up and bagged his item with ours!

As we drove out of the parking lot I questioned myself as to why I was so upset? I had to think about the question for a while because at that moment my Irish temper was distracting my clarity so all I knew for certain was that I was annoyed. I instantly told Casey that I changed my mind and I would leave the dust cover on while I read in public. I found it so ironic that while I was purchasing a book that is meant to empower women, I was having a fellow woman tearing it down. I was disgusted that this person found it necessary to go out of her way and put aside her professionalism to degrade someone she too does not know. Neither of us personally have met Khloe Kardashian and although I would not consider myself a big fan, I do enjoy watching their show and reading about them from time to time. I find their lives intriguing because they are so different from my own.

As I accumulated my thoughts I wondered, what would the world look like if we embraced each other more and chose not to judge a book by the cover, literally? I have come to realize the largest critics of women are other women! We may all come from different walks of life but we each have a choice we can make, we can choose to engage and embrace those that are different from us or be quick to judge. I challenge you to try to see the best in everyone. Defining them by their best qualities and not their imperfections. I also challenge other women to build each other up, instead of tearing each other down. The books title is actually quite fitting, because I believe you are at your strongest when you are raw and real with yourself first. I therefore agree that strong in fact does look better naked in a sense, because when you are naked you cannot hide behind anything so you have to find confidence from within. Confidence can be a struggle to us all so just remember to not judge your worth or value by what others say or how they treat you. At the end of the day I’d like to think behind the glitz and the glam of Hollywood Khloe is a normal person just like us.


“YOU are BEAUTIFUL for you are fearfully and WONDERFULLY made”. Psalm 139;14


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