This is only the beginning….

As many of you may know our lives revolve around Americas past time, Baseball. I created this outlet not only to update our family and friends but to share a little insight into our lives. The baseball life is usually perceived to be a luxurious/ glamorous life and even though it can be those things, there is a lot the public just does not see. I plan on sharing some funny stories, some lessons learned and how God has shown up in our lives through it all.

I am a former rodeo girl, who met a handsome boy in college, placed my dreams on hold to start new ones, and to pursue my husband’s dream alongside him. I went from knowing little to nothing about baseball (ask my brother-in-law who had to explain what a strike was) to being able to converse with the best of them. Casey was drafted in 2010 with the Pittsburgh Pirates in the 25th round on a hot Oklahoma day (might I add the ac was broken, so that’s 24 rounds of literally sweating our butts off). That day changed our lives forever, and started our crazy adventure through the “lovely” (yes, I’m being sarcastic) lower levels of the minor leagues where we struggled to survive on little to no pay. Never did I think my life would be so complicated, having to live with so much uncertainty, after all I was a country girl remember? I envisioned a simple life. I was use to chasing barrels and cows not a boy across the county and getting married at twenty years old was never in my mind either but the Lord had different plans and I am so thankful he did.

I look forward to sharing more about our lives. I’m sure that in the process I will embarrass myself and my husband more than once, which is all ok, because where is the fun in life if you can’t laugh at yourself from time to time? Check back soon, until then: peace, love and baseball !

Disclaimer: my rambling’s may or may not be spell checked so if grammatical errors bother you…. sorry not sorry but I will try my best!

Marin Sadler


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